Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Material Girl

This is a totally materialistic and shallow post, but I am tired and don't have energy to think. I subbed for an 8th grade class today that thought it was funny to pass a roll of toilet paper around the room (behind their backs) and laugh hysterically about it for 30 minutes??? And when I asked a girl to bring me the toilet paper, a different girl yelled at me telling me it was her lunch.

Anyways..... I am so glad everyone likes our names! Not that it matters, it's just nice. My sister texted me the other night and said, 'I just realized both of your names are names of people on Grey's Anatomy.' Oops.. not at all our intentions, I assure you! I literally stopped watching that show when Izzy gave CPR to a deer. And then Jer's brother (and Lauren) both realized that Sloane is from 'Ferris Bueller'. I have also heard Sloane is from the show 'Entourage'. Again, I assure you we didn't go to IMDB to find our future children's names, but it's neat either way.

Here are some things I want. I don't really need any of them... I just want them.

Pretty Dress (non-maternity from F21)

Cute Maternity Top from Gap

Cute Maternity Maxi Dress from Old Navy ( I LIVE in maxi dresses in the summer)

To add this movie to my Disney collection

To dig in to a big fat Greek salad with TONS of Feta cheese

And to go on a date night with my husband to see this movie

XOXO Haley


  1. I loved maxi dresses during my pregnancy, I have 3 from gypsy05.com and they are the absolute best- the dresses are so cool and so comfy. They're kind of pricy, but if you watch, they go on sale pretty regularly.

    (just keep in mind if you want one, the fabric is kinda thin, I can't wear my quartz colored one without a lot of flesh colored undergarments)

  2. Okay, I know I don't need to tell YOU to look at Ross for maxi steals... I literally have about 10 I've gotten for less than $20 that are so dang cute! Maxi+summmerweight scarf+flippy floppies=my warm weather uniform!

    And I completely agreed with everything in this post up until Miley.