Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Garden

A few weekends ago, Jeremy and I decided to plant a garden in our backyard. The people that used to live in our house had a small place in the backyard that they had taken the grass out and planted a rose garden. It obviously wasn't tended to the months before we moved in, so we ripped it out and tilled up the soil to make sure it was good for growing. I recently learned that as long as worms are living in soil, the soil is good enough to plant flowers/vegetables/fruits or whatever you want to grow.

So, we went to Home Depot and picked out 4 vegetables/fruits to plant. Jeremy is not a huge fan of vegetables, so we picked out things to plant that we know would be eaten. We decided on watermelon, carrots, cantaloupe and sunflowers. (You can get sunflower seeds from the sunflowers)

We also picked up something to go around the garden to (try and) keep our bloodhound out!

The stars next to the name means it's organic. I'm reading a baby book by Dr. Oz called 'You Having a Baby' and in it, it says if there is ever a time in your life to eat organically, it is while you are pregnant.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

P.S.- I added a little poll to the right- just for fun! We won't find out what sex our baby is until the beginning of May!

XOXO Haley

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