Saturday, January 7, 2012

Favorite Texans

Happy Saturday! My husband has been a Texans fan since as long as we've been together (9 years in May) and today, they played their first Playoff game ever! We went to the store to get goodies to eat while we watched- while we were checking out- he got a call from a friend that offered him a ticket to the game. He politely turned it down, said he would rather watch it with us. What a sweetie. :) So- I made some yummies I found on Pinterest- and we had a great time cheering on our Texans.. We won, by the way. I'm not a big sports fan- but it's fun to get excited about it and make it a family event- especially with a future linebacker in the family... Haha kidding. Owen's favorite thing to do right now is take a wet paper towel and 'wipe' the floors and tables with it.. He's not throwing passes quite yet. ;)

The photo a day challenge is 'favorite' today.. So I'm going to show you my favorite perfume! It's Pure Grace by Philosophy. It smells very fresh and clean and I love how light it is. I don't like to smell like I'm actually wearing perfume- I think someone that smells like they've just freshly showered smells amazing.

Obviously- i'm weird about smells. You should see me trying to pick out a candle. Xoxo


  1. first i would like to say...GO TEXANS!!! never been so proud to be a texan :-)

    and that was very nice of him to watch the game with is family! i know it was prob hard for him to turn down the ticket!

  2. fun! im so glad we got to hang out the other day! i lover youuuuuuu

  3. I think I've spelled that perfume before and loved it!!!