Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

When Jer and I talk about what we want for a nursery, whether it be a boy or a girl, we don't talk specific themes, we always talk in colors for some reason. I was the same way with our wedding. When people would ask, 'what's the theme for your wedding?' I would ALWAYS say, 'we don't really have a theme, just colors.' Sooo...

For a boy, we like the idea of dark brown or black furniture (crib, dresser/changing table and rocking chair) with navy blue, white and green. Here are some inspiration pictures that I love! I love the idea of thick horizontal stripes in navy and white.

Everything seems so much easier to come up with when it comes to a girl. Names, nursery decor and cute outfits!! I originally liked the idea of turquoise, coral, and brown. But Jer wants to make either nursery look 'classy' so he likes the idea of turquoise, black and white. Not sure if one is 'classier' than the other. Either way, we would do white furniture for a girl. I like both color combos, so we will see what sex Baby Sturgeon is before we make any concrete plans! Here are the pictures:

We have names picked out, but I will share those another day! I got all of these pictures from google image!

XOXO Haley


  1. I love both nurseries you've come up with!
    I wish you better luck finding black and white bedding, should you need to. I had a devil of a time because I actually was going to do Liam's nursery in black, white and either yellow, lime green or teal- but there wasn't a lot that Zach didn't think was "gay" for a boy.
    I plan in colors too, really. I planned my girl nursery in colors- despite the fact that I never go to put it together, I'm still excited about it. I'll just store it away for the future.

  2. Just found your blog and I really like it! I have two boys Luke and Lian and I know what you are talking about lol...there is so much nice furniture for girls...when it comes to boys it seems much more difficult.Lian is 2 years old and his room is all baby boy blue and white. But everything was so difficult to find. I wish you good luck finding nice things that you really like!

  3. Oh goodness, that robin's egg blue/white/black room (with all of the frames) is so gorgeous I just can't stand it!

    I'm sure whatever you choose for your nursery will be just wonderful and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see pictures once it evolves!

  4. uhhhhhhh i love them both so much. the boy colors are so cute that i might just be okay with your raspberry being male :) so effiiiiiiiin vute!

  5. Not sure if you have already heard of this website or not but it is an absolutely amazing place to get ideas!

  6. Ah just saw this post and so in love with the cute black, blue, and white combo! I even want this for my room now! haha. Can't wait to see what you decide on! =)