Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Things

I still need to post about Owen turning 5 months, 6 months, Disney World & a special post about our friends, HOPEFULLY I will get to that soon. This is just going to be a wee-bit random...

  • Owen is sleeping through the night from 8pm-7am, some mornings a little earlier.
  • Somehow, the monitor got turned off last night & when I realized & turned it back on this morning, Owen was awake. I felt HORRIBLE. I must've done it in my sleep. Has anyone ever done this?
  • Jer & I have been watching a lot of movies lately bc a lot of the shows we watch in the evenings have been repeats. Here are the ones we enjoyed:
The Fighter
You Again (I enjoyed this one, Jer, not so much)
Love & Other Drugs
Morning Glory
Life As We Know It
Other Guys

  • Now, the movie that we didn't enjoy... The Tourist. OMG it was horrible. Angelina's awful British accent, the fact that Johnny Depp's character made him so not sexy and plain. And the whole plot in general. The scenery was about the only good part.
  • I am making Owen's Easter basket (with help from my Granny) and am so excited about it. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
  • We were supposed to go to Dallas this weekend to celebrate my sister's 30th Birthday, but we all got a virus this week. It lasted about two days for each of us, me starting Tuesday, Jer & Owen starting Wednesday. It was a stomach virus & it was no bueno. I can deal with myself being sick, but having to see your child sick is probably the worst thing ever. My heart goes out to all those parents and children who have to suffer through serious illness, I can't even imagine.
  • I talked a little about it on Twitter, but about a month ago, a young family friend of my husband's family died in a car accident. It was honestly the first tragedy that Jer and I had been apart of in our entire 25 (almost 26) years of life. The boy was younger than us and his life was taken in an instant. It's still hard to grasp the concept of a mother & father burying their child and it scared me. I couldn't be by myself at all for a few weeks. I still think about it. I know his family had (and still have) it way worse, and I pray for them daily.
  • On to lighter things... our front load washer had started to smell mildewy, especially after I washed all of our sheets in hot water. So I poured about a cup of bleach into where the detergent goes, washed it on the sanitary cycle, and it has smelled clean & fresh ever since.
  • We're planning seeing Scream 4 this afternoon & I am so excited. I love scary movies that aren't really scary.. if that makes sense. My parents also get Owen to themselves for an afternoon!
  • Alright, that's about enough randomness for one morning. I'll leave you with a picture of Owen & his bff's at a Strawberry Picking playdate we had earlier this week with The Tichenor's, The Glover's & Scarlett & Jacci!

Hope you're having a happy weekend!

XOXO Haley