Monday, August 23, 2010

33 Weeks

I haven't been good about doing pregnancy posts, but here's a random one nonetheless.

  • Today, I am 33 weeks and 1 day pregnant. That means Owen will be here in less than 7 weeks!
  • I totally understand now why they say the third trimester and first are the worst. First was bad because of the nausea and third is bad because of the sleepless nights. This 105 degree weather isn't helping matters either.
  • I am on a pattern of sleeping well every other night. Boo.
  • The only things that sound refreshing to me right now are fruit juice (specifically Cran Grape) or ice-cold milk.
  • I had a mini-meltdown yesterday while trying to get dressed. We were just going over to a friend's for dinner, so nothing fancy. But I put on my FAVORITE pair of maternity shorts and they didn't fit. I knew they wouldn't last the whole pregnancy, but I was bummed. The only things that are comfortable these days are stretchy pants and dresses.
  • If it seems like I'm complaining a lot, I am. I had a poopy day. P.S.- If you're having a crappy day, don't go to Wal Mart. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to flick people off that were staring at me like I would give birth in aisle 10 any minute. Especially this older lady who actually stopped her cart so she could turn around and get a better look at me. I wanted to kick the bitch.
  • It's hard to be in a bad mood for very long.. to pull myself out, I think of all the people that would love to have a healthy pregnancy right now and I thank my lucky stars for Owen and his health. (I hope this didn't come off as smug or conceded)
  • Jer and I worked on some projects over the weekend for Owen's room.. we finished one and are in the middle of the other. We did our handprints for some wall art. Here's the finished product..

  • The green one is waiting for a special little boy's handprint. ;)
  • If you notice, the orange one is Lola's paw print. She did so well. Jer held her paw up while I painted it and she didn't mind a bit!
If we're Facebook friends, you probably already know this. If not, I'll share. Jer surprised me last week with an Edible Arrangement. YUM. I have been wanting one of these since April! It came with a sweet little note and balloon attached.

Well, I'm off to attempt to make Pioneer Woman's Chicken Fried Steak... I'll let you know how it turns out!

XOXO Haley

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This post is going to be a variety of goings-on in the Sturgeon casa.

  • Jer and I met our mom's at Grimaldi's for dinner on Friday night and it was delicious. Best pizza ever.
  • While in Sugar Land, I made a pit stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up this book...
I'm halfway through and it is pretty good.

  • We went to Ikea on Friday to get a table for our laundry room and some other odds and ends. We found the perfect table and our laundry room is ALMOST complete.
  • Speaking of laundry, I did Owen's first load last night. I am officially obsessed with the smell of Dreft and want everything in our house to smell like it.
  • We toured the hospital where I will be delivering Owen on Sunday and we loved it.. it made everything more real and it hit us that we will be welcoming our baby boy into this world in less than 8 weeks.
  • After we left the hospital, we decided to stop by Sprinkles since we were in the area. OK, my next statement may cause some of you to want to b**** slap me, so I apologize in advance. But, I don't really see what the big effing deal is. I checked the flavors online beforehand and noticed that they would have raspberry available starting this past weekend, so that was the whole point of going. I love ANYTHING raspberry, favorite flavor hands down. The cupcake was just OK, it was kind of dry. Jer said he thinks my desserts taste much better. We did get Lola a Doggie cupcake and she loved it.

  • We finally watched 'Alice in Wonderland' this weekend and it was soooo good!! There was a bloodhound in 75% of the movie and we squealed like little kids every time he came on screen.
  • We are meeting my parents for dinner tonight, my Dad has been out of town for 3 weeks!
  • Owen has been getting bigger by the day and my feet are suffering from it. My mom treated me to a pedicure yesterday and it was blissful. I would have paid for the pedicurist to simply rub my feet for 30 minutes without any polish. Jer was glad to have a night off from foot massaging.
  • Nothing planned this weekend but a check up at the doctor. Can't wait to just lounge and be with the hubs.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

XOXO Haley

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

getting to know you...

I have seen other bloggers recently doing this, so I thought I would hop on the bandwagon. I noticed I have gained a few followers lately, so I thought I would tell the story of how 'Bloodhounds and Baby Boys' came to be...

Jeremy and I met in middle school, but we didn't start dating until Junior year of high school in May 2003 (Jer was a week shy of turning 18 and I was 17. That currently makes Jer 25 and me 24). I wish I had some pictures of us in high school on this computer, but unfortunately, not the case. So a picture of a picture of us will have to do! Here we are in May 2004 at our Senior prom.

We then decided that we both wanted to go to Texas Tech University and set off for some of the best (4 and a half ;)) years of our lives. That was Fall 2004. Here are a few pics of us doing what we love best and just being Red Raiders.

One of the happiest days of our lives is when we got Lola! It's a funny story actually... a few years before we got her, we had watched the movie 'Dog Show' and absolutely fell in love with bloodhounds. From then on, we both knew we wanted a bloodhound but didn't plan on getting a dog until we were married and had our own house and all that good stuff.
Well, in February of 2007 (we were Juniors in college) Jeremy gets a text from his roommate that says there is an ad in the local newspaper for bloodhounds for sale about an hour away from Lubbock. It was a Friday afternoon and Jer was done with his classes, but I had one more. I skipped my last class and we decided to just go 'check them out' and see if they were cute. Well they were. The ad in the newspaper said they were going for $300, which was reasonable for a bloodhound.
They weren't from a breeder, but from a family who owned a male and female and couldn't keep all of the puppies. We had brought a friend with us and he is actually the one that pointed Lola (she was named Minnie for 'Minnie the Mooch' because the owners said she ate all the other puppies food) out to us. We originally went there looking for a boy (in my experience, boy dogs have always been better snugglers) but all the males in the litter had inverted eyelids that would have to be fixed with surgery. So, we 'settled' for a girl! haha totally joking.

So, after we had decided on Lola, we were paying for her and the guy decided to give us a deal since we were Tech students and knocked $100 off! While we were both writing our checks (we decided we both would pay 50/50 so she was equally ours) he asked if we wanted a 2-for-1 deal and told us we could have another!! HA! We both lived in apartments at the time and knew getting one bloodhound was enough.

Anyways, February 17, 2007 will always be remembered as the day we brought our first baby home.

Another amazing day in 2007 was October 30th.. the day Jer and I got engaged! I engagement story is pretty long, so I will save it for another post. Either way, it was an amazing and unforgettable night!

We both graduated from Tech December 2008 and moved back home. Jer had gotten a great job and started in February, so we decided to buy a house near his job. We moved in to our first home February 2009. We celebrated our rehearsal dinner six years to the day that we started dating. We got married May 23, 2009 and it was everything I had ever dreamed.

Now, the best day of our lives came on January 27th, 2010, when we found out we were pregnant!!

Now you are all caught up! I had substitute training yesterday, didn't learn anything new at all! BLAH. Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! Jer's Mom is flying in today from Dubai (hubby's parents live overseas and have since 2004) so we are meeting her for dinner tonight.

XOXO Haley

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Fashion and Sleep

It's Back-To-School time and whenever I start hearing school buses drive by, I always start day dreaming about chunky sweaters and boots! I can't help it, I must have lived in the North in a past life or something. Fall/Winter is definitely my favorite time of year and I have a feeling this Fall will be the best one yet. I know I'm crazy, but I have already started shopping for cooler weather clothes. Actually, I thought I should get some post-Owen clothes; cute, comfy but practical outfits for staying at home and caring for a newborn. I also still plan on subbing a few days a month after he gets here, so I 'needed' some work clothes. Here are some of my faves:
Twelve by Twelve
Love 21

LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's

This morning, while on, I came across a new kid's line at American Eagle called 77kids! I haven't worn AE since high school, but their kid's clothes are to die for cute. Here are a few of Owen's favorites:

I've been trying not to buy any more maternity clothes (except outfits I will wear at my showers) because I know I won't wear them after he is born. Not sure why, but I would rather put on something that is regular women's but one size too big over something that says 'maternity' on the tag. Hello my name is Haley and I am superficial. Sue me.

With less than 9 weeks to go (hopefully less than that!!) I am SUPER anxious for Owen to be here... of course I can't wait to hold him, stare at him and just be a family, but I am also really excited about dressing him up. I go in his closet at least 2 times a week and put together outfits in my head. It's fun.

Sleep is a little harder to come by these days. Once I fall asleep, I'm good. It's the having-to-pee-every-5-minutes that is keeping me up. The other night I had JUST fallen asleep when I feel an elbow-punch in my back. My husband is a 'sleep talker' and also a 'sleep twitcher'. The thing is, when he grabs me (usually my behind) or starts talking to me (usually about something random) he stays asleep. Therefore, I am the only one awake and annoyed. So, I have decided that when he wakes me up accidently, I talk loud enough to also wake him up. I finally fell back asleep after he elbowed me and about 2 hours later, I feel a hand grab my butt. This time, I wasn't having it. I grab his hand and yell, "JER STOP GRABBING MY A**!! NO MORE WINE BEFORE BED." He (of course) has no idea what he did and no idea why I'm yelling at him. He says sorry and rolls over.

I apologized the next morning for my outburst, but when all I want to do is have a few more weeks of peaceful sleeping and my husband is waking me up groping me, I get a little upset. Does anyone else's significant other have this problem?

Well, off to do laundry and get ready for sub-training tomorrow!!

XOXO Haley

Thursday, August 5, 2010

freckles mcgee

My blog title today has nothing to do with anything, i'm just excited about 'Jersey Shore' tonight. Jeremy and I had a full day yesterday! He took the day off from work so that we could meet with Owen's pediatrician and go to my doctor's appointment. We went bright and early to meet with Owen's pediatrician to go over all of the basics. It is just starting to hit me that we are going to be parents in 2 months! Crazy! After our appointment, we shopped around for a table to put in the laundry room, because we stacked our washer and dryer so we have extra room. We didn't find anything, but I did get the cutest Halloween candy dish that you are going to have to wait and see until October ;).

We also went shopping for a piece of art to hang over our bed. Jer is in 'decorating' mode since he says Owen's room looks so good, he wants our room to look good too. Whatevs, i'm not going to complain about shopping. We were unsuccessful in that area as well, but we did find a great piece of art to hang in Owen's room! Haha, we so thought we were DONE with his nursery, but when I saw this I HAD to have it!

We found it at Home Goods and I love it... the colors couldn't be more perfect! We are going to hang it on the wall across from his crib, so hopefully when he's bored and can't sleep, he'll look over and learn the 50 states. haha yeah right.

We had a check up at my doctor's yesterday and everything is moving along as it should! Even though he was measuring 2 1/2 weeks early at my 3D ultrasound, my doctor said she still wants to keep my due date at 10/10/10. On the way home, I had a sudden craving for Lopez, so we made a detour and OMG it tasted amazing. Here's Jer enjoying a margarita...

Here are Lola, Owen and I when we got home from dinner..

I think we're gonna make a trip to Ikea this weekend to look for the table. I am also looking forward to seeing 'Dinner For Schmucks' this weekend with my mom and Jer! My dad is out of town, so my mom is third-wheeling it. Steve Carrell can do no wrong in my book and i've heard nothing but good things about this movie!

I am enjoying a day of just lounging around and watching movies with Lola. I think I overdid it yesterday and totally paid for it last night. It's crazy how doing things I did every day when I wasn't pregnant effects (or affects? I never know) me now that I am pregnant. I used to be able to stay up until at least midnight without a problem, but last night around 10, I couldn't stay awake anymore. I was dizzy, exhausted, and had the worst back pain! I slept for 10 hours and woke up completely refreshed.

Well, I must go back to searching the internet for everything 1st birthday related for my nephew who is turning one in October! I am attempting to make homemade fettucine alfredo for dinner tonight, we'll see how it turns out.

Oh yeah, one more thing, I won a giveaway!!!! I never win anything!! I am so excited to receive my Scentsy warmer from Danielle!
XOXO Haley

Monday, August 2, 2010

Horseshoe Bay= fail.

Well, our 'baby moon' didn't pan out the way we thought it would, but we still had fun. Jer and I drove west to Marble Falls and arrived at Horseshoe Bay around 6:00 PM. I waited in the car (thinking it would only take a sec) while Jer went to check us in. Well, he came back to the car and said that the hotel was at full capacity, so they 'upgraded' us to a villa. We thought, well hot diggity-dog, that's awesome. Not so much. We went to go check out our 'villa' and it was basically an apartment that overlooked a parking lot and had a total of one window in the entire place. So, we went back to the hotel and told them we had this booked since April and specifically made a reservation to stay in the hotel. They were very RUDE and basically said, 'Sorry, nothing we can do. You're lucky you got the villa.' Of course, my 7 1/2 month pregnant self burst into tears because all we wanted was a view of the lake, room service and to be able to walk out to the pool. This villa had none of those amenities.
We ended up canceling the reservation and my amazing mom got us a hotel room for the night in Austin. We cheered ourselves up with room service and ordered a movie. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey in 'Date Night' definitely put us in a better mood. We woke up the next morning, ordered breakfast in bed and then headed out to the pool. We decided we would rather spend the money shopping than to stay another night in Austin, since we were now only 2 hours from home. We ate lunch at a yummy place called 'Shady Grove' (thank you so much for the suggestion, Taylor!)

Our view of Lady Bird Lake from the hotel pool...
We then shopped until we dropped- Jer wanted to find an outfit for when we deliver Owen (not kidding) and we successfully did that. We also found Owen some more jeans at Gap. They are having a great sale on their jeans right now; buy one get another pair for $10! I found some great 'post-Owen' clothes as well.

Here I am on the way out to the pool...

And heading out to explore Austin..

All in all, we were disappointed that our original plans went down the shitter, but honestly, the whole point of the weekend was to have fun together and we successfully accomplished that. I thanked God extra that night for giving me such an amazing husband that is the half-full to my half-empty glass. Jeremy can seriously find the positive in any situation, whereas I look at the negative before the positive. He's definitely the yin to my yang.

This week, we are looking forward to meeting with Owen's future pediatrician who was my pediatrician and the doctor my mom has been a nurse for for 25 years! I know Owen will be extra spoiled when he comes in for his check-ups. We also have an appointment with my doctor to see how the little guy is progressing. I'm anxious to see if she moves my delivery date up, since we now know he is measuring early. We shall see.

Everyone head over to Danielle's blog for a great Scentsy giveaway that ends tomorrow!
Hope everyone had a great Monday and you aren't banging your head against a wall due to Allie's annoying laugh and habit of jumping up and wrapping her legs around anything with a penis. Yikes.

XOXO Haley