Sunday, March 28, 2010

Name Game

Jeremy and I have decided (finally) what we are going to name our child! I am 12 weeks today and literally since the day we found out I was pregnant (I was about 3.5 weeks along) we have been talking about baby names. For the past 8.5 weeks, we have been throwing names around, making fun of each other for some of the names we have come up with and have made an infinite amount of lists of names we like. So the names we have come up with are...

Owen Ross Sturgeon


Sloane Elaine Sturgeon

We decided on Sloane a few weeks ago, but we could not agree on a boy's name! I am in love with both names and I know they are the 'right' names, because I get butterflies when we talk about our baby and say 'Sloane or Owen'. We decided to pass down our middle names as well.

Other than that, we have both been working and enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather in our backyard. Our sunflowers have started to sprout and we got a patio set to enjoy dinners outside once in a while.

This past Friday, we went out to lunch with Taylor, Grayson and Gracie! Then they came over after and played outside. It was such a fun day, I am so glad Taylor and I have stayed close. It's so fun being pregnant at the same time.

In other preggers news, I have had a weird aversion to meat. Every type of meat; chicken, beef, you name it. I was not a big meat-eater before I got pregnant, but now the sight or smell of it makes me gag. Seafood is a different story. I could eat seafood every day. Particularly shrimp, crab or lobster. But I keep that to a minimum (once a week) to keep it on the safe side.

I am also craving fruit and anything fruit-flavored. I have almost completely cut caffeine out, I am down to one cup of half-caffeinated coffee in the mornings. It really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Hopefully in the second trimester, I can get more energy.

Hope everyone's weekend was fun! Easter is next weekend and I get to snuggle my chubby bunny!!! (my nephew Brock) I will leave you with a picture of my goober.

XOXO Haley

P.S.- I just noticed in the picture of Brock that it looks like he only has one nostril. This picture is my screensaver, and in it and in real life he has two nostrils, I assure you.


  1. Your sweet nephew is GORGEOUS. Those eyes are to die for.

  2. BROCK IS SO CUTE. OH MY GOSH. It sounds like yall have been having fun! I miss you! I hope you get lots of energy back... SECOND TRIMESTER!! WOO HOOO!!!

    you already know i adore the names!

  3. Love both names, they are fabulous...Congratulations!

  4. we had SO much fun! we love yall. grayson and gracie cant wait to meet their bff!

  5. Dear Sloane,
    You have the coolest name ever. So cool, in fact, it snagged a bf by the name of Ferris. He was really cool too.
    See you in October,