Thursday, June 24, 2010

Favorite Day of the Week

Not sure why- Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week!! Soo... here are the latest updates from Casa Sturgeon.

I went to Ulta today to pick up a new nail color for our Colorado trip and while I was there, they offered to shape my eyebrows. It was a little bit more than I usually pay, but totally worth it! It didn't hurt as badly as it usually does and I promise, my brows have never looked better.

Here's the color: Essie Peach Daiquiri

We are almost finished with Owen's nursery! Last night, his glider came in. It is from Wal-mart (GASP) and it's PERFECT! His ottoman is from Ross and couldn't go better with his room.

Speaking of Owen... I am DYING over some new arrivals at Baby Gap. Just look..

Tonight we are going out to dinner with The Glovers! Can't wait for some yummy Lopez grub. Then it's packing time! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

XOXO Haley

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's New

Top O the mornin' to ya! I have to be honest- I haven't blogged in the past few days because I had a little scare. *Little* being the key word, because looking back, it wasn't a big deal. Last Thursday-Friday, I wasn't feeling Owen move very much. He is such a mover, I got used to him moving for the better part of the day. Right after I ate breakfast, when I was lying in bed, I could pinpoint the times he was moving. Well, he just stopped. I could feel little movements here and there- but nothing compared to what he was doing. So, I found online (actually my mom did) that you should call your DR when feel them move less than 10 times in 2 hours. I didn't actually sit still for 2 hours in those 2 days, but I would count, and once I got to 6 or 7 kicks within 30 minutes of each other, I would stop worrying. Finally, Saturday morning, he was up and kicking like normal again.

It was just scary because every since Mother's Day, I have been very aware that he is kicking and 'alive'. I know that sounds awful, I never once thought that he wasn't 'alive' but it is scary not knowing what's going on in there when there's no movement. I am a worry-wart normally, so of course I worry about him. (He just now gave me a reassuring kick in the gut) I guess I got used to feeling him all the time, and when it was taken away, I didn't like it. I just need to remember that now things are on his terms, not mine. He kicks when he wants. Welcome to Motherhood I guess.

Speaking of Owen, he is now 1 1/2 pounds! Wowzers.

This past Sunday was Jer's 'first' Father's Day. We didn't go all out, just a few presents and went to my parent's house for crab legs and pool time. Jer is obsessed with little shoes for Owen. He is not into clothes or anything fashion-related at all, but he does love his shoes. He has declared that is 'his' thing with Owen right now, getting him some badass kicks. So, when I found these shoes at Baby Gap a few weeks ago, I couldn't pass them up. I also got him an Astros onesie for Owen. It is a size 12 months, which is huge, but it was the smallest they had.

Oh yeah, and Lola moonlights as a greeting card model. ;)

Here is our crab feast and my dad and his Father's Day presents....

Jer and I were at Target the other day picking up a few odds and ends and we wandered into the toy section and found these! Owen can't play with them for a couple years, but they look perfect in his nursery for now. They were on clearance for $4!

Other than that, we are getting ready for our family trip to Estes Park, Colorado next week. I cannot wait to get out of this heat and spend some quality time with the whole family. The average temp right now in Estes Park is 70 Degrees. A nice little break from our 90. Here is a picture of the house we've rented for the week.

I plan on relaxing and doing some reading. I was so disappointed with Tori Spelling's new book. Basically, if you watched her show last season, you shouldn't have read the book. Everything she talks about was on the show. Also, she complained the WHOLE book about balancing work and family. I really like her style, her party planning ideas and all that superficial stuff, but after reading this book, i've lost a lot of respect for her.

Next on the list of books to read is Kathy Griffin's autobiography. I love this woman... she is raunchy and hilarious and makes no apologies for it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day celebrating all the Dads in your life and has an even better week!

XOXO Haley

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maxi Dress and Target

I was on Zulily this morning, (ordering a nursing gown for delivery) and I found a very similar dress to the one I wore a few weeks ago for Jer's bday. It is a Steve Madden strapless tribal maxi dress and is $29 on If you've never been on Zulily, it is very similar to but for moms, kids and babies! It is free to become a member.

I got a lot of compliments on the dress, so I thought I would pass this similar one on!

While I was at Target yesterday picking up Tori Spelling's newest book....

I picked this cute little hoody up that was on clearance for $5! Not sure why it looks so big, it is a size 0-3 months.

Last night, Jer and I watched 'When In Rome'... not so good. It was funny in some parts, but so CORNY!! My favorite movies used to be romantic comedies, but I feel like lately, they are awful.

I'm off to run errands..... good luck to my BF Ivy on proposing her thesis today!!

XOXO Haley

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mirror and Quilt

I totally forgot to mention in my post yesterday that Jer and I finally found a home church! We are so excited and can't wait to become members. We tried out a few other churches previously and they just didn't 'feel' right. We walked in to this particular one yesterday and right when I walked in, it felt right. I didn't feel intimidated or shy like I had in the other ones. Also, it just happened to be the day that the new pastor started! Anyways, we are going to go a few more times before we start the process of becoming members, but I can say confidently that St. Paul's United Methodist Church is our new church. Yay!

I realized I never really talked about the starburst mirror that we put in Owen's room about a week ago. It was originally gold (I so wish I had gotten a 'before' picture) and was my grandmother's (Dad's mom). I remember always admiring the mirror when it hung in my grandparent's living room. When she passed away about 7 years ago, it was then hung in my parent's game room upstairs. Last year, my parent's were going to get rid of it, but I decided I wanted it. It sat in our 'junk room' (which is now the nursery) for a year. I told my mom that I wanted to put a big funky mirror above Owen's dresser, and she suggested that we just paint the starburst mirror... and so the orange starburst mirror was born.

It took 3 cans of spray paint to cover this sucker. We are so happy with how it came out! I also like that it isn't just a 'mirror' but has history.

Question- do these swaddling blankets look too 'girly'?? I was shopping the other day and was heading to the register with them, but kept second- guessing myself on whether or not they were too girly.

Speaking of blankets, I went with my mom and Granny to the fabric store today to pick out fabric for Owen's quilt. My Granny makes one for all of her great-grandchildren. Owen will be her 9th! Here is what we came up with..

Not sure why, but I have been drawn to dinosaurs when I see baby boy things.

We also picked out material for his 'boppy' or booby pillow, or whatever you call it. We found a cute material in terry cloth, which is stretchy won't be too hot. So glad my Granny is crafty and can sew like the dickens.

Sorry for the quality of pictures, they were taken with my phone. I can't wait to see how they turn out! No big plans this week, getting everything ready to celebrate Jer's 'first' father's day. We are going to The Woodlands with my parents and Granny for the day! Can't wait!

Hope everyone had a great Monday! Happy Flag Day!

XOXO Haley

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun, Sun and True Blood.

Hola Chicas!! What another amazing weekend... Friday, I had an appointment to check on Mr. Owen. My mom went with me because Jer had to work. (Someone always goes with me to my appointments in case they have to draw blood, because I am a huge wuss and basically pass out every time I give blood! I realize I am about to give birth, pain doesn't bother me, it's 'unnatural' things happening. Like needles going into my body or anything that doesn't happen naturally.) My mom got to hear Owen's heartbeat for the first time! Nice and strong at 152.

After the appointment, we met up with Ivy for some lunch and shopping. We found some great items on sale at Gap and Gymboree... baby shopping has quickly become my new hobby. We also scored some loot for our upcoming vacation to Colorado. The weather there is in the 40's-50's at night, so we needed some cute summery sweaters. Jer and I ended the evening with pizza and 'Shutter Island' in bed. The movie was so good!!

Saturday, we cleaned and hung out around the house all day. While Jer was napping, I made a quick trip to Ross and found a cute dress and burp cloth/bib set for the little boy. I looked up the brand when I got home and saw it was selling for $20 online! I got it for $2.99 at Ross. You really can't beat that place.

I think i'm going to have my granny embroider his initials or his name to make them personalized.

Saturday night, we met up with my parents and Granny at the one-and-only Lopez for dinner. YUM. Then we came home and took some 23 week pictures...

Lola decided to show all her goodies..

Sunday is quickly become 'Sunday Funday' at Casa Davis (my parent's house) because this is the third weekend in a row that we have gone over to their house to swim and have dinner! I look forward to Sunday every week. And finally, True Blood started today!!! It is definitely Jer and I's favorite show. Love me some Vampire Eric.
Hope everyone has a great week! Congratulations to The Tichenor Family on their newest addition!

XOXO Haley

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More of Owen's Nursery

I am so glad to have Owen's changing table/dresser finally here! We ordered it on May 17th and just received it yesterday. This was the second dresser they have sent us, the first one never made it to our house because it was damaged. When we got it yesterday, we opened the box and were checking it all out to make sure it wasn't messed up. Jer looked at me and said, 'uh oh, it's broken.' I said, 'Are you sh*tting me??' And I busted out crying. I know it's nothing to cry about, there are 100 million things that are worse, but we had been waiting for almost a month for this dresser, we finally get it and the thing is broken. Nothing a little wood glue and Jer's crafty skills couldn't fix, but the web site we ordered it from is getting a stern e-mail from me.

Anyways, here are the pictures! The starburst mirror above it was my grandmother's. It was originally gold, but we used 3 cans of Pumpkin Orange spray paint (courtesy of WalMart) to get it the perfect orange color it is now! We love it and couldn't be happier. The 3 round storage thingys and the dog tail hooks are from Ikea!

I can't believe it's almost Thursday... I have a Drs appointmen on Friday to check on Mr. Owen!

XOXO Haley

Monday, June 7, 2010

Maternity Wardrobe Staples

I haven't really seen anything in the blogging world about 'maternity staples' (correct me if i'm wrong :)) so here is my shot at it.

- The most comfortable thing I have found while being pregnant in humid heat is short, cotton dresses. This women's (non-maternity) empire cotton dress from Old Navy has definitely been my favorite thing to wear thus far.

- My second favorite kind of outfit to wear is a pair of shorts with a flowy top. I haven't bought any maternity tops yet, but I have about 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of maternity leggings that I pair with flowy tops. The BEST pair of maternity leggings I have found are (surprise) from Old Navy! They fit under the belly, which is so much more comfortable for me than something that goes over my belly. I think once my under-the-belly pants are falling down because i'm so big, I will graduate to over-the-belly pants. For now, I don't really like anything that sticks on the belly because it makes me too hot and I feel restricted.

- The best place I have found for non-maternity clothes that will fit pregnant bodies are Kohls, Old Navy and Ross. One struggle I have found while clothes shopping is not knowing how big I will get, therefore not knowing what clothes will fit later on. Another problem is a lot of the maternity clothes that are in stores are made for women in the age range of 20-40, so they are more conservative and for lack of a better word, boring. I'm not saying Forever 21 needs to go and design maternity clothes (but how awesome would that be?) but come one people, not every maternity dress needs to hit below the knee.

In other news, we should FINALLY be getting Owen's changing table/dresser in on Tuesday, so I will wait to post updated nursery pictures until then.

Click on over to Sprinkles of Scarlett and Buggie and Jellybean for two great giveaways!

And PLEASE go check out this recipe on for Grilled Peaches and Vanilla Ice Cream. Jer made shish kabobs for dinner and I followed on the grill with this yummy dessert. If you love peaches, you won't be disappointed.

XOXO Haley

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preggers Post

Me: I am 21 weeks and 6 days today! I really can't believe how fast this is going by. I have been feeling great, I only get tired when I actually do something (go figure!) as opposed to being tired for making myself (half caff) coffee in the morning. Jeremy felt Owen kick yesterday morning for the first time! His kicks have been getting more frequent and a little harder, although they still tickle most of the time. We were laying in bed watching Good Morning America (Emeril was making lobster rolls....DROOL) and I had just gotten done eating breakfast when Owen started kicking. Lately, I have been putting my hand on the outside of my belly when he kicks to see if I can feel anything. I thought I felt something and told Jer to put his hand there and he felt him! He said it kinda freaked him out at first, but now he loves it and wants to feel him all the time. I think now it 'feels' more real to him because he has physically felt his little boy kicking him. There is definitely no hiding the bump anymore, I feel bigger and bigger every day. My appetite has definitely increased too, but I am still trying to eat healthy! I can't stay on my feet as much as I used to. I used to be able to shop all day- like 5 hours straight without so much as a starbucks break. But now, I find that I have to sit down or else my feet swell from all the walking. I guess I didn't expect these symptoms until I was about to pop- around the 30 week mark or so. It's also a little harder to get up and out of my car as quickly as I used to. It's also almost impossible to paint my toenails myself. If I try and reach my toes, squishing my belly makes it hard to breath. Not complaining at all, just documenting!

Owen: He is a pound now! Can't believe it. On Jer's 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' Iphone App, it says he is the size of spaghetti squash. What the eff is spaghetti squash? So I googled it. Holy moly, it's kinda big! I guess this explains why I have been feeling like I have a bowling ball under my shirt all the time. I have gotten better about not buying him every cute little boy thing I have seen in the stores. I have mostly just been making myself stay out of the stores all together.

Here are some pictures we snapped last night after we got home from seeing 'Get Him to the Greek' with my parents at the Alamo. We celebrated Jer's birthday last night with them since they were out of town last weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.

XOXO Haley

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nursery Updates

Hola mi amigas!! Hope everyone is having a great Hump Day. Mine was good. Went to work this morning, took a looooong nap this afternoon, and just cleaned up the dishes from a yummy dinner of spaghetti! Yesterday, we finally got our crib skirt in the mail and now Owen's crib is complete! We also put his rug in the room. The rug matches perfectly! It looks like it was made to go in his room. My mom actually found it on Thanks Mom!!

I was looking online for cute boy clothes and came across these hooks that I am obsessing over! I did a little google search and found out that they are from Ikea. I also found these cute storage containers that I think would go perfect in Owen's room to hold his diapers, patsies, etc. Jer and I are gonna have a nice little 'day date' Saturday to peruse the aisles of Ikea for everything Owen! Can't wait.

That's all for now!

XOXO Haley

P.S.- I appreciate all the compliments on my orange maxi dress from the last post! I got it from Ross about a month ago for $12! All of the clothes I get from Ross, I always get compliments on! Thanks guys, makes a preggers feel purdy ;)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jer's Bday Weekend/Memorial Day

We celebrated Jer's 25th birthday all weekend! My mom and I kicked the weekend off by going to see Sex and The City 2 and we loved it!

Friday evening, we went over to his parent's house for dinner! Saturday, Jer and his brother and Dad went golfing for the morning and most of the afternoon. While Jer was busy golfing, I was busy shopping for Owen (duh!) I found some really cute onesies at Macy's and great deals at Katy Mills.

We then got all snazzy and went out for a nice dinner at Fogo De Chao. If you are a meat lover, you have to try this restaurant!

After dinner, Lola and I baked Jer his birthday cake and while he was sleeping and set up for his birthday morning surprise! Funny story- before bed, I gave Lola a bite of cake. At 8 the next morning (she usually gets up around 10) she was ready to get up, so I let her out of the room to see what she wanted. She went straight to the fridge and just stared at it. I had put the cake in the fridge the night before and she was ready for another piece. Spoiled dog.

We then took a nap (breakfast took it out of us ;) and then got ready and went to Lupe Tortilla's for lunch! After lunch, Jer we went to J Crew to get Jer some Summer clothes. That evening, we met some friends over at Jer's parents house for a BBQ and birthday celebration. Our bff's Taylor, Gracie and Grayson came over and we had the best time!

After we got home, we had to give Lola the last piece of cake that she had been waiting all day (and apparently all night) for!

For Memorial Day, we went to my parent's house to hang out at the pool and swim all day! We relaxed with cocktails (Jer-beer Me- virgin bloody mary) and on floats all day. We have the sunburns to prove it today.

Last night while I was watching Tori & Dean, Owen was kicking up a storm. Jer is DYING to feel him kick, so I put my hand on my belly and I swear I felt him kick from the outside. I ran into our bedroom to wake him up and put his hand on my belly. No luck. I know any day now he will be able to feel him!

Hope everyone had an amazing long weekend!

XOXO Haley