Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Projects and Things

I love blogging... mostly to put my all of the ideas I have floating around in one place. But lately i've felt like all I blog about are 'things'. I will admit, I am a bit materialistic; I love shopping, decorating, and all that fun stuff. But I would certainly hate for it to come off (via my blog) that that is all I do. I am a 'normal' human-being. I have fears, dreams, goals just like everyone else. Right now I'm going through one of the most amazing and scariest things all at once... pregnancy.
I have a million things going on in my mind about childbirth, things that could go wrong, how to take care of Owen once he's born... all that good stuff. But, it is easier for me to push all of those worries to the back of my head and just show the 'fun' stuff. I am also a little afraid that if I do tell you about my irrational fears and what not, y'all would be bored to tears.

I really did try not to make this blog about all things baby, but let's face it, it is! I'm not ashamed. What I talk about here is everything I talk to my husband, parents, sister and friends about. There's not a day that goes by that Jer and I don't sit and watch Owen move in my belly, talk about or plan something for Owen. So, I guess i'm sort of apologizing to all of my non-expectant or without child friends. Because I know if I weren't expecting and I read my blog, I would probably be a little tired of all things baby.

Soooo.... after all of that, wanna see some projects i've been working on for Owen?

First, while my whole family and I were in Colorado, my sister kept picking things up for Brock's scrapbook. Not sure why, but it had never occurred to me to start a scrapbook for Owen. I have only made one scrapbook in my life and it was in high school for a grade. Once I got into it, I actually really enjoyed it (that's what she said). But like i've said before, I am an 'all-or-nothing' kind of person and that doesn't really work for scrap booking. Anywho, while I was in Hobby Lobby the other day, I came across the most adorable scrapbook that set my booty in motion to want to make one for Owen.

Plus, all of their scrapbook stuff was 50% off, so I got it for $15.00. Wahoo. I realized I can't really plan ahead for the pages I want to do, so I'm just gonna buy the stuff as things happen. But I did pick up a few sheets to get me started...

The reason I was at Hobby Lobby was to find materials for a little project in Owen's closet. My mom sent me this link from another blog and I fell in love. A project for Owen's clothes?? Count me in!

Seeing his clothes organized definitely made me realize I have ENOUGH and to stop buying the little guy clothes (unless I see something he HAS to have of course)

The other project I've been working on is a cross for his room. I couldn't really find a 'modern' looking cross to go with his room (let me know if you've seen one) so I decided to make one myself. I found the wooden cross (50% off!) at Hobby Lobby and picked out spray paint at Wal-Mart to match his gray curtains. It has been rainy for the past couple of days and I've learned the hard way NOT to spray paint something when there is a lot of moisture in the air, so this project isn't quite finished yet.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday... did anyone watch the premiere of 'Teen Mom' last night?? I love those effed up girls and their adorable babies.

XOXO Haley


  1. love all things baby- blog away! :)

    love all your projects! thought of you today at HL when I saw dinosaur paper. :)

  2. It is VERY okay to blog all about Owen!

  3. This blog is for you, blog about whatever your little heart desires!

    I think the scrapbook is a great idea!

    I love the way you sorted out his clothes, the baby I watch.. She got the wooden cute ones from Babies R Us or somewhere and they don't fit over the wooden bar, she has the same bar that's in owens closet

  4. Blog for yourself, not anyone else. If someone thinks it's "boring", they can stop reading! Our blogs are little windows into our worlds and we can share whatever we see fit at that moment!

    My FAVORITE part of blogging is having the ability to go back in time; pick a date and read what was going on with us at that moment. Right now, your life IS all about Owen- celebrate it, document it!!!

  5. obviously i love that you blog about baby stuff... so keep on, keepin on! love your little humor in there (thats what she said)! it made me lol! and that is the cutest dang scrapbook ever! i love it!!!

  6. i loooove reading about owen. he is my nephew after all. and i see you wayy too little :( that robot book is freaking adorable!! and i love the dividers you made for the closer! how CUTE!

    your hilarious. i really miss you. can we get together soon? i know im pretty busy, but your like family to me and i want to make time for you :) xoxo give owen a kiss for me. and tell JER i said what up homes.

  7. I love everything that you blog about! It so fun reading about things that make other people happy! But this is your blog so blog about what makes your smile =)

    The clothign organizers are the best things, ever! I wish I would have thought of something so crafty!

  8. Hehe... "I am a bit materialistic" You and me both girl! There is nothing wrong with sharing your way fun finds with the rest of us!

    Love that scrapbook, it will look perfect in his room. Hobby Lobby has their scrapbook stuff on sale all the time so stock up when they do! Love reading all about that sweet little guy growing inside of you!

    ps-thanks for your too sweet comment :)

  9. This is where I got Mason's striped hat :)

  10. Those closet organizers are brilliant! Oh, and as for worries and fears about taking care of Owen once you get him will be amazed how completely natural it comes to you!