Thursday, July 8, 2010

Owen's Quilt and Weekend Plans

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the material for Owen's quilt. Well, while we were in Colorado, my Granny finished it! It is adorable...

I have a few other things in mind for my Granny to make Owen before he makes his arrival in October. My Granny is so talented, I keep telling my mom we need to get her things on Etsy to sell!

Tomorrow morning, we have an appointment to check on Owen! I have to do the Glucose screening test to make sure I don't have gestational diabetes. I've heard the stuff you have to drink isn't too bad, so we shall see! Saturday evening, my parents and I are going to see the musical 'Wicked'. Jer opted out of this shindig, he is not one for theater! I have heard such great things from everyone who has seen it, I can't wait!

Jeremy and I are also registering for Owen this weekend! I am so excited. I have been researching the 'best' baby products online all week, so I have a few of my favorites all picked out. Does anyone have any suggestions about things I HAVE TO HAVE on my registry? Would love to know your input! Hopefully baby registering goes a little smoother than our wedding registry... Jeremy and I have completely opposite tastes. He has very masculine taste, while I have feminine. Good thing we have to narrow it down to masculine this go-around, or it would be a very long day.

Watched this movie last night... very good!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and stays dry! We are supposed to go to one of Jeremy's coworker's birthday party's tonight... but we will see what the weather decides!

Oh yeah- and I entered a contest on if you could please go vote for Owen's nursery, it would be greatly appreciated!!

XOXO Haley


  1. I love Wicked, I hope you will too!!! The quilt looks amazing.