Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preggers Post

Me: I am 21 weeks and 6 days today! I really can't believe how fast this is going by. I have been feeling great, I only get tired when I actually do something (go figure!) as opposed to being tired for making myself (half caff) coffee in the morning. Jeremy felt Owen kick yesterday morning for the first time! His kicks have been getting more frequent and a little harder, although they still tickle most of the time. We were laying in bed watching Good Morning America (Emeril was making lobster rolls....DROOL) and I had just gotten done eating breakfast when Owen started kicking. Lately, I have been putting my hand on the outside of my belly when he kicks to see if I can feel anything. I thought I felt something and told Jer to put his hand there and he felt him! He said it kinda freaked him out at first, but now he loves it and wants to feel him all the time. I think now it 'feels' more real to him because he has physically felt his little boy kicking him. There is definitely no hiding the bump anymore, I feel bigger and bigger every day. My appetite has definitely increased too, but I am still trying to eat healthy! I can't stay on my feet as much as I used to. I used to be able to shop all day- like 5 hours straight without so much as a starbucks break. But now, I find that I have to sit down or else my feet swell from all the walking. I guess I didn't expect these symptoms until I was about to pop- around the 30 week mark or so. It's also a little harder to get up and out of my car as quickly as I used to. It's also almost impossible to paint my toenails myself. If I try and reach my toes, squishing my belly makes it hard to breath. Not complaining at all, just documenting!

Owen: He is a pound now! Can't believe it. On Jer's 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' Iphone App, it says he is the size of spaghetti squash. What the eff is spaghetti squash? So I googled it. Holy moly, it's kinda big! I guess this explains why I have been feeling like I have a bowling ball under my shirt all the time. I have gotten better about not buying him every cute little boy thing I have seen in the stores. I have mostly just been making myself stay out of the stores all together.

Here are some pictures we snapped last night after we got home from seeing 'Get Him to the Greek' with my parents at the Alamo. We celebrated Jer's birthday last night with them since they were out of town last weekend.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.

XOXO Haley


  1. You are looking fantastic! Isn't it crazy how all of a sudden, things that you never imagined would be difficult become quite the ordeal? I managed to find a way to keep my toes painted, but it wasn't without excessive grunting and laboured breathing.

    Okay- and spaghetti squash is so weird! I remember reading that too, with Liam, and it's only because my old roommate used to make them that I knew what it was. I thanked her for it, too. :)

  2. Oh my gosh... this made me laugh out loud! I l-o-v-e-d your example for not being able to stay on your feet was shopping all day. I have a feeling I will relate to that exactly one day :)

    As far as not being able to paint your own toenails... sounds like someone needs to get you some pedicure gift certificates!!

    Glad you're feeling well and hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend. You look great and I'm so happy little Owen is nice and healthy!

  3. I love the nursery and you are looking great. I can't believe how fast your pregnancy is going by. I love keeping up with you on this blog.

  4. Adorable nursery: check
    Adorable mommy wear: double check
    I lol'ed at the spaghetti squash comment; I am IN LOVE with a recipe for spag squash but had NO IDEA what it was until I found that one. Haha!

  5. everything looks perfect!!!