Monday, June 7, 2010

Maternity Wardrobe Staples

I haven't really seen anything in the blogging world about 'maternity staples' (correct me if i'm wrong :)) so here is my shot at it.

- The most comfortable thing I have found while being pregnant in humid heat is short, cotton dresses. This women's (non-maternity) empire cotton dress from Old Navy has definitely been my favorite thing to wear thus far.

- My second favorite kind of outfit to wear is a pair of shorts with a flowy top. I haven't bought any maternity tops yet, but I have about 2 pairs of shorts and 1 pair of maternity leggings that I pair with flowy tops. The BEST pair of maternity leggings I have found are (surprise) from Old Navy! They fit under the belly, which is so much more comfortable for me than something that goes over my belly. I think once my under-the-belly pants are falling down because i'm so big, I will graduate to over-the-belly pants. For now, I don't really like anything that sticks on the belly because it makes me too hot and I feel restricted.

- The best place I have found for non-maternity clothes that will fit pregnant bodies are Kohls, Old Navy and Ross. One struggle I have found while clothes shopping is not knowing how big I will get, therefore not knowing what clothes will fit later on. Another problem is a lot of the maternity clothes that are in stores are made for women in the age range of 20-40, so they are more conservative and for lack of a better word, boring. I'm not saying Forever 21 needs to go and design maternity clothes (but how awesome would that be?) but come one people, not every maternity dress needs to hit below the knee.

In other news, we should FINALLY be getting Owen's changing table/dresser in on Tuesday, so I will wait to post updated nursery pictures until then.

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XOXO Haley

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