Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun, Sun and True Blood.

Hola Chicas!! What another amazing weekend... Friday, I had an appointment to check on Mr. Owen. My mom went with me because Jer had to work. (Someone always goes with me to my appointments in case they have to draw blood, because I am a huge wuss and basically pass out every time I give blood! I realize I am about to give birth, pain doesn't bother me, it's 'unnatural' things happening. Like needles going into my body or anything that doesn't happen naturally.) My mom got to hear Owen's heartbeat for the first time! Nice and strong at 152.

After the appointment, we met up with Ivy for some lunch and shopping. We found some great items on sale at Gap and Gymboree... baby shopping has quickly become my new hobby. We also scored some loot for our upcoming vacation to Colorado. The weather there is in the 40's-50's at night, so we needed some cute summery sweaters. Jer and I ended the evening with pizza and 'Shutter Island' in bed. The movie was so good!!

Saturday, we cleaned and hung out around the house all day. While Jer was napping, I made a quick trip to Ross and found a cute dress and burp cloth/bib set for the little boy. I looked up the brand when I got home and saw it was selling for $20 online! I got it for $2.99 at Ross. You really can't beat that place.

I think i'm going to have my granny embroider his initials or his name to make them personalized.

Saturday night, we met up with my parents and Granny at the one-and-only Lopez for dinner. YUM. Then we came home and took some 23 week pictures...

Lola decided to show all her goodies..

Sunday is quickly become 'Sunday Funday' at Casa Davis (my parent's house) because this is the third weekend in a row that we have gone over to their house to swim and have dinner! I look forward to Sunday every week. And finally, True Blood started today!!! It is definitely Jer and I's favorite show. Love me some Vampire Eric.
Hope everyone has a great week! Congratulations to The Tichenor Family on their newest addition!

XOXO Haley


  1. love me some Lopez, we go every Wed night!

    yes personalize the steal bibs! Everything is better personalized!

  2. i love this post! its just so happy and it makes me happy that you are happy. i love you very much, haley!

  3. Love your special find for baby Owen!

    And you know I'm on Team Eric with you! Wa-hoo!