Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maxi Dress and Target

I was on Zulily this morning, (ordering a nursing gown for delivery) and I found a very similar dress to the one I wore a few weeks ago for Jer's bday. It is a Steve Madden strapless tribal maxi dress and is $29 on If you've never been on Zulily, it is very similar to but for moms, kids and babies! It is free to become a member.

I got a lot of compliments on the dress, so I thought I would pass this similar one on!

While I was at Target yesterday picking up Tori Spelling's newest book....

I picked this cute little hoody up that was on clearance for $5! Not sure why it looks so big, it is a size 0-3 months.

Last night, Jer and I watched 'When In Rome'... not so good. It was funny in some parts, but so CORNY!! My favorite movies used to be romantic comedies, but I feel like lately, they are awful.

I'm off to run errands..... good luck to my BF Ivy on proposing her thesis today!!

XOXO Haley


  1. Thanks for sharing the dress/website!

    That hoodie is so cute!!!

  2. yay! thanks for the shutout! i'm all done! i passed my proposal! wheeew. ,3 you

  3. I love the hoodie: and they do seem to run big- at least the "over clothes" do- but it's actually really nice because it feels less bulky- make sense? I guess they figure you'll be layering with it anyway!

    Thanks for the heads up on 'When In Rome.' I just rented 'Leap Year' and liked it, but I really like Amy Adams...

  4. Haley- I read your blog literally everyday- i love it!.. and yes, 'When In Rome' was horrible! Wanted my money back!

  5. Haley,
    Thank you so much once again for your comment about the dog situation! I wish that I could afford to get her trained because that I would actually love to use her for a search and rescue for my department. Although, being a poor Momma I'm not sure if that is in my options. Hopefully we will have it all figured out soon! Your Lola is just precious! I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to my big sad eyed precious puppy, so we'll see!!

    That little jacket is the cutest! I just love Target.

  6. Such a cuuuttee dress! I was at a wedding rehearsal the other week and all the other bridesmaids were talking about their dresses they got at store like White house Black Market and Anthropologie (don't get me wrong I LOVE those stores, they just don't like my wallet HA!) and then they kept complementing me on my dress was funny b/c I got mine at Forever 21 HA.....LOVE that store and its a little kinder on the bank account!

    Thank you for sharing.