Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thankful Thirty Eight

First, I want to thank everyone who commented or sent me a message on Facebook in response to my last post. I am very gracious for all of the sweet words and for making me feel NORMAL. I love blogging and I love how the people who blog can support one another when so desperately needed.

Of course Jer knows how I have been feeling, so we made a point to have a date night this past Saturday, just the two of us. We picked a quiet restaurant and I must say, it was exactly what we both needed. On the drive home, I felt peaceful and calm, which I haven't felt in a while. We both agreed that for our sake, we have to set time aside at least a few times a month to go on a real date, just us. We spend a lot of time together alone, but most of it is done with our attention on other things. I honestly didn't realize until this weekend how important uninterrupted one-on-one time with your spouse is.

After dinner, we took a 38 week picture. I haven't done one in a few weeks because I haven't felt 'cute' and have been wearing the same comfy clothes all the time. Here is my huge belly:

Our next appointment isn't until Friday, so hopefully we will see some progress made by then. I really don't want to induce, because my sister had an induction and had to have a c-section. I am all for getting the baby out safely and by whatever means necessary, but I want to make sure he (and my body) are 100% ready. I have been sleeping a little better these days, but one thing that hasn't gotten better is the itching. I am getting more and more stretch marks, so I know he is still gaining weight and growing.

I felt amazing yesterday, I think it was in part due to the weather we have been having! I LOVE this weather. I ran errands, picked up some fall decor and then Jer and I went over to my parent's for some yummy chili and pumpkin pie. Perfect way to spend a Fall(ish) day. Can you really call it Fall when the high is in the 80's? Who cares, I love Texas and it's whacked out seasons.

Should I feel guilty for 'making' Lola stay outside even when she is howling to get inside? It's so nice, I want her to enjoy it! All she wants to do is stay inside and nap. Lazy girl.

Well I hope everyone's enjoying nice weather somewhere and having a great Tuesday! Who is excited for 'Glee' tonight? It's Britney, bitch.

XOXO Haley


  1. You look sooo cute in your 38 week picture! Baby Owen will be here soon! And yes the weather is absolutely amazing right now. We had such a wonderful breeze last night!

  2. I'm sure with the close family and friends yall have you have plenty of people to watch sweet baby Owen but if you ever want someone outside the family to babysit him so you can have a date night, please come to me :)

    I am praying for you and your appointment on Friday!

    Owen is about to make his presence!!!!

  3. You look absolutely wonderful!! All baby!!

    I hope you get great news on Friday-- I scheduled to induce with Liam on a Monday, but had actually kind of gone into labor the day before, so the drugs really worked wonders. I was on the drip by 7 in the morning, Liam was born at a little after 6:30 that night (naturally, too!) -- I got to the point where I just wanted her to get him the heck out of me.

    Also, it IS important to have a date now and then: it's just nice and relaxing. I would highly recommend vacation sans baby (even though I thought I would never say that) because you can really enjoy your marriage when you know you don't have to be home at a certain time for bath/bottle/bed.

    And Lola and Jethro can grumble together, I've been making him stay out for the last two days to enjoy the weather (and because he's having that classic bloodhound gas problem and he's making me sick!). You know.

  4. Haha it's briny, bitch! Loove it - I knew you would love glee eventually!

  5. You look adorable and sound SO ready to have little Owen in your arms!

  6. Can I just say you look fantastic?!?! Pregnancy wears you well as in all of these crib side pictures you've taken, you seem to be glowing! And I love that Lola sneaks her way into all of them too ;o) Hang in there...he'll be here before you know it! then we can take pictures!! ;o)

  7. I'm so anxious for Owen I can't imagine how you are feeling. You look great! I hope you continue to sleep well and I'm shooting you good vibes for your appointment Friday.
    Love you