Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Batik, So Chic!

I am sitting here with my belly hanging out in all it's glory with a fresh coat of prescription hydrocortisone cream lathered on it. Hopefully it relieves some itching. While waiting for it to dry, I happened upon 'The Martha Stewart Show'. She just had a guest on from Hiho Batik... what is Batik you ask?? Why let me show you....

Hiho Batik sells shirts that are wax and garment dyed. These shirts are available for $38 on the Hiho web site, but you can buy a kit for $40 and make your own!! You trace whatever design you want on the t-shirt with the wax, fill in the design with regular garment dye, let it dry and voila! The wax is completely safe and washes out in the washing machine.

The kit will definitely be added to my Christmas list to start making Owen some shirts!

In other news, I had my 37 week doctor appointment yesterday and I have progressed!! I am 1 cm dilated, still 50% effaced and he has dropped to a -1. Here is the description I found online that talks about what the numbers mean in regards to his head. It's from

"Negative 1" refers to the position of the baby's head in relation to your cervix. Negative numbers imply that the baby's head is still floating above the cervix. Zero position means the baby's head is engaged. Positive numbers means the baby's head has begun its descent through the cervix and into the birth canal. The higher the negative numbers, the higher up in your uterus the baby is located (ex., - 3 is higher up than - 2). The higher the positive numbers, the lower into the birth canal the baby is located (ex., +3 is lower -- closer to birth -- than +1).

Happy Hump Day and first day of Fall lovers!!!

XOXO Haley


  1. So exciting for you and Jeremy. Can't wait to hear about Owen's arrival!

  2. Yay! I had my dr appt today too! I am dilated to a 1.5! It made me a little nervous...

    Those shirts look like so much fun. Are they easy to make?

  3. LOVING that kit idea. Of course, it sounds like a great way for me to completely blow my budget because I guarantee you I'd feel the need to make a million shirts, but I wouldn't quell my clothing shopping for Liam. I believe there needs to be a support group for moms who shop for their kids too much.

    Excited about Owen's progress, and so glad you got some cream for your poor belly. *fingers crossed* that it's a miracle worker!!