Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brock's First Birthday Party and 36 Weeks

This past weekend, my mom, Jer and I drove to Dallas to celebrate Brock's first Birthday! My Dad has been out on a rig (he's not a roughneck, he works in the oil field and was sent out on a special project) We got good news on the way to Dallas that my Dad was done with his work on the rig and was able to fly in and celebrate not only HIS birthday, but Brock's as well! My Dad's is the 10th and Brock's party was the 11th. Brock's actual birthday isn't until October 1st, but we celebrated early this year because my due date is so close.

We went out to eat Friday evening with the whole family and Brad's family to celebrate my Dad's birthday.

Saturday was the birthday party, so everyone woke up bright and early for the preparations!

Brock's party was definitely a success and so much fun! Amber and Brad did a great job.

I am now 36 weeks (and 2 days technically) so we are now going to the doctor every week. At my last appointment on Thursday, she said Owen was approaching 7 pounds and would probably be more than 8 pounds by the time he's born. Good lord, he is a big boy. She also said I am 50% effaced.

Yikes, I actually have to push this thing out?? JK, I am actually totally ready and anxious to meet the little guy that has been taking up space in my belly for the past 9 months. Jer and I went to Babies R Us last night and got everything left that we needed right now on our registry. We also picked up a few things we didn't 'need' but were too cute to pass up.

There's a new line at Babies R Us that Taylor told me about called 'Little Miss Matched' that is ADORABLE. She called me right after she found it a few weeks ago and knew I would love it, and I totally did!! And it happened to be 40% off... here's what we got Owen.

Jer picked out the blue and white one and I picked out the red and white. The blue one has pants that go with it, but they didn't have them on their web site.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

XOXO Haley


  1. Looks like yall had a very fun & eventful weekend! Baby will be here soon!!! xoxo

  2. Such a fun weekend! Baby Owen will be here before we know it! Can't wait to see his sweet face!

  3. the birthday looked so fun! happy birthday broccoli boyfriend!! i cant wait till owen comes -- so so soon!