Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This post is going to be a variety of goings-on in the Sturgeon casa.

  • Jer and I met our mom's at Grimaldi's for dinner on Friday night and it was delicious. Best pizza ever.
  • While in Sugar Land, I made a pit stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up this book...
I'm halfway through and it is pretty good.

  • We went to Ikea on Friday to get a table for our laundry room and some other odds and ends. We found the perfect table and our laundry room is ALMOST complete.
  • Speaking of laundry, I did Owen's first load last night. I am officially obsessed with the smell of Dreft and want everything in our house to smell like it.
  • We toured the hospital where I will be delivering Owen on Sunday and we loved it.. it made everything more real and it hit us that we will be welcoming our baby boy into this world in less than 8 weeks.
  • After we left the hospital, we decided to stop by Sprinkles since we were in the area. OK, my next statement may cause some of you to want to b**** slap me, so I apologize in advance. But, I don't really see what the big effing deal is. I checked the flavors online beforehand and noticed that they would have raspberry available starting this past weekend, so that was the whole point of going. I love ANYTHING raspberry, favorite flavor hands down. The cupcake was just OK, it was kind of dry. Jer said he thinks my desserts taste much better. We did get Lola a Doggie cupcake and she loved it.

  • We finally watched 'Alice in Wonderland' this weekend and it was soooo good!! There was a bloodhound in 75% of the movie and we squealed like little kids every time he came on screen.
  • We are meeting my parents for dinner tonight, my Dad has been out of town for 3 weeks!
  • Owen has been getting bigger by the day and my feet are suffering from it. My mom treated me to a pedicure yesterday and it was blissful. I would have paid for the pedicurist to simply rub my feet for 30 minutes without any polish. Jer was glad to have a night off from foot massaging.
  • Nothing planned this weekend but a check up at the doctor. Can't wait to just lounge and be with the hubs.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

XOXO Haley


  1. I read Kendra too - I wish they talked more about the mansion, less about her growing up. But I love her and the Hanks!

  2. I love Grimaldi's too! I love Kendra too! I don't see what the big deal is about Sprinkle's too!

  3. I TRIED to buy that book the other day, but unfortunately Pepper (waiting for me outside) had other plans. Long story.

    Sprinkles isn't my favorite cupcakery, but I think since it was one of the first on the scene it will always succeed. I also think it depends on which flavor you get. You want a delightfully delectable cupcake? Fly to DC, hail a cab to Georgetown, and try Georgetown Cupcake. Be still, my heart.

  4. I have not ever been to Sprinkles before although I have always wondered what the HUGE deal is! Glad, that I am not missing anything!

    Charli and I screamed every time we seen a bloodhound in that movie too. We still talk about our Maggy even though she has been gone for about a month! Don't you just love the way baby laundry smells? Just wait until you hold him for the first time that newborn smell is Heaven!

  5. One of my coworkers brought a box of Sprinkles cupcakes in a couple of weeks ago. I tried two of the flavors and actually thought they were kinda bland. I def. prefer my homemade cupcakes!

  6. congratulations on your pregnancy! cute blog :)


  7. Amen! I cannot stand all of the Sprinkles talk...everyone just jumped on the bandwagon and kept on riding. Dimples in Dallas is way better. But I don't even see why cupcake in general are so trendy right now? Cute post ;)