Monday, August 2, 2010

Horseshoe Bay= fail.

Well, our 'baby moon' didn't pan out the way we thought it would, but we still had fun. Jer and I drove west to Marble Falls and arrived at Horseshoe Bay around 6:00 PM. I waited in the car (thinking it would only take a sec) while Jer went to check us in. Well, he came back to the car and said that the hotel was at full capacity, so they 'upgraded' us to a villa. We thought, well hot diggity-dog, that's awesome. Not so much. We went to go check out our 'villa' and it was basically an apartment that overlooked a parking lot and had a total of one window in the entire place. So, we went back to the hotel and told them we had this booked since April and specifically made a reservation to stay in the hotel. They were very RUDE and basically said, 'Sorry, nothing we can do. You're lucky you got the villa.' Of course, my 7 1/2 month pregnant self burst into tears because all we wanted was a view of the lake, room service and to be able to walk out to the pool. This villa had none of those amenities.
We ended up canceling the reservation and my amazing mom got us a hotel room for the night in Austin. We cheered ourselves up with room service and ordered a movie. Steve Carrell and Tina Fey in 'Date Night' definitely put us in a better mood. We woke up the next morning, ordered breakfast in bed and then headed out to the pool. We decided we would rather spend the money shopping than to stay another night in Austin, since we were now only 2 hours from home. We ate lunch at a yummy place called 'Shady Grove' (thank you so much for the suggestion, Taylor!)

Our view of Lady Bird Lake from the hotel pool...
We then shopped until we dropped- Jer wanted to find an outfit for when we deliver Owen (not kidding) and we successfully did that. We also found Owen some more jeans at Gap. They are having a great sale on their jeans right now; buy one get another pair for $10! I found some great 'post-Owen' clothes as well.

Here I am on the way out to the pool...

And heading out to explore Austin..

All in all, we were disappointed that our original plans went down the shitter, but honestly, the whole point of the weekend was to have fun together and we successfully accomplished that. I thanked God extra that night for giving me such an amazing husband that is the half-full to my half-empty glass. Jeremy can seriously find the positive in any situation, whereas I look at the negative before the positive. He's definitely the yin to my yang.

This week, we are looking forward to meeting with Owen's future pediatrician who was my pediatrician and the doctor my mom has been a nurse for for 25 years! I know Owen will be extra spoiled when he comes in for his check-ups. We also have an appointment with my doctor to see how the little guy is progressing. I'm anxious to see if she moves my delivery date up, since we now know he is measuring early. We shall see.

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Hope everyone had a great Monday and you aren't banging your head against a wall due to Allie's annoying laugh and habit of jumping up and wrapping her legs around anything with a penis. Yikes.

XOXO Haley


  1. I can't believe that Horseshoe Bay was a bust! Atleast you had your sweet hubby to change it all around! Hope yall had a blast!Thanks for the shout out on the giveaway. xoxo

  2. Bwa ha ha- your last paragraph was AWESOME!

    I'm sorry Horseshoe Bay didn't work out- what a bummer. I'd have lost. my. mind. Expletives and tantrum throwing would have been rampant. But you certainly did make the best of a rather disappointing situation, and I'm happy for you that you guys were able to enjoy yourselves regardless.

    Good luck with the doctor's visits-- I have to admit, I miss the baby checkups. They were so much fun! Um... except that whole scale part. That wasn't so fun.

  3. Let's just say you are a zillion times sweeter than I'll ever be.

    "You lost my reservation??? Can't you see I'm pregnant, people! If I can carry and deliver this baby, you better be SURE I can kick your mother-lovin' tush six ways to Sunday" yeah, that would be me. *taking deep breath*

    It's awesome to see you made the best out of the situation and how nice it is that Jeremy compliments you so well. It's so balancing to have that eternal optimist on your team, eh?