Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Fashion and Sleep

It's Back-To-School time and whenever I start hearing school buses drive by, I always start day dreaming about chunky sweaters and boots! I can't help it, I must have lived in the North in a past life or something. Fall/Winter is definitely my favorite time of year and I have a feeling this Fall will be the best one yet. I know I'm crazy, but I have already started shopping for cooler weather clothes. Actually, I thought I should get some post-Owen clothes; cute, comfy but practical outfits for staying at home and caring for a newborn. I also still plan on subbing a few days a month after he gets here, so I 'needed' some work clothes. Here are some of my faves:
Twelve by Twelve
Love 21

LC by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's

This morning, while on, I came across a new kid's line at American Eagle called 77kids! I haven't worn AE since high school, but their kid's clothes are to die for cute. Here are a few of Owen's favorites:

I've been trying not to buy any more maternity clothes (except outfits I will wear at my showers) because I know I won't wear them after he is born. Not sure why, but I would rather put on something that is regular women's but one size too big over something that says 'maternity' on the tag. Hello my name is Haley and I am superficial. Sue me.

With less than 9 weeks to go (hopefully less than that!!) I am SUPER anxious for Owen to be here... of course I can't wait to hold him, stare at him and just be a family, but I am also really excited about dressing him up. I go in his closet at least 2 times a week and put together outfits in my head. It's fun.

Sleep is a little harder to come by these days. Once I fall asleep, I'm good. It's the having-to-pee-every-5-minutes that is keeping me up. The other night I had JUST fallen asleep when I feel an elbow-punch in my back. My husband is a 'sleep talker' and also a 'sleep twitcher'. The thing is, when he grabs me (usually my behind) or starts talking to me (usually about something random) he stays asleep. Therefore, I am the only one awake and annoyed. So, I have decided that when he wakes me up accidently, I talk loud enough to also wake him up. I finally fell back asleep after he elbowed me and about 2 hours later, I feel a hand grab my butt. This time, I wasn't having it. I grab his hand and yell, "JER STOP GRABBING MY A**!! NO MORE WINE BEFORE BED." He (of course) has no idea what he did and no idea why I'm yelling at him. He says sorry and rolls over.

I apologized the next morning for my outburst, but when all I want to do is have a few more weeks of peaceful sleeping and my husband is waking me up groping me, I get a little upset. Does anyone else's significant other have this problem?

Well, off to do laundry and get ready for sub-training tomorrow!!

XOXO Haley


  1. You may wear maternity pants well after baby comes. In my case, I still wear some of them even though I've lost 45 of the 60 pounds I gained! Your hips change so much and I wasted money buying jeans that didn't fit me the next month....
    Night pee trips were awful for me as well. I can totally sympathize. Sucks.
    You're almost there though!

  2. three things!
    1. is it really only nine weeks til precious owen gets here?!?! OMG!!! i cant believe how fast its gone and im so excited for him to get here already!
    2. i am IN LOVE with that peace sign onesie.. IN LOVE!
    3. just throwing this out there... i am MORE than willing (aka would love to) babysit owen on those days you sub!!


  3. That is so funny about Jeremy! "No more wine before bed" hahaha....I can't believe you only have 9 weeks left - time is going to FLY by!!!!!

  4. I'd MUCH rather the "booty grab" than Kiel's incessant twitching/kicking/hitting in his sleep! One time he accidentally punched me in the nose when his arm twitched...he didn't hear the end of that for WEEKS.

  5. You and I seem to have VERY similar taste when it comes to baby boy things. I am loving the new AE line for boys-- definitely placed an order for the orange things! :)

    You look great. Owen's room is too cute!

    Oh yes, I love those sweaters you posted... off to shop online some more! Thanks for feeding my addiction.


  6. Sweaters are one of my favorite things to wear!! Owen's cute finds are going to looks adorable on him

  7. Yay! You found me so I could find you!! I love it! And YES!! My husband has the same issue. That's how this little baby growing in my belly happened:)