Friday, December 31, 2010


I feel like I *need* to post something on the last day of 2010, because it was the best year yet. Why, you ask? Because we had our Owen of course! Here's a little recap of our year:

Started my job as a substitute
Found out we were pregnant!!

Had our first ultrasound/baby appointment and got to see his little heartbeat
Announced that we were pregnant

Got to hear his little heartbeat! 160 BPM and everyone assumed he was a she

Celebrated Brock's first Easter

Found out we were having an Owen!
Celebrated my first mother's day
Celebrated Jer's 25th Birthday
Celebrated Brock's Christening
Celebrated our first wedding anniversary and 7 years together

Went crazy on Owen's nursery and had it almost complete
Went on a family trip to Estes Park, Colorado

Got to see Owen in 3D4D and I remember the ultrasound tech saying how chubby his cheeks were and how big his head was. He couldn't have been more right!
Tried to have a baby moon, but that didn't really pan out too well.

Mourned the baby moon (just kidding..kinda)
Nested like there was no tomorrow.

Had two baby showers... which left Jer and I feeling so blessed and so loved.
Celebrated Brock's FIRST birthday early, because it was getting to late for me to go to Dallas.

Brock turned ONE!
Owen made his arrival 4 days early... October 5th was hard, but October 6th was all worth it.
Celebrated my 25th birthday the day after we were discharged from the hospital!
Owen's first Halloween as a puppy.

Big ole family Thanksgiving

Christmas of course!
First date night away from Owen
Still in awe of my precious angel baby and all that we (and He) created

Here's hoping 2011 gives us as many blessings (not the human kind ;)) as 2010!

XOXO Haley


  1. So much can happen in 365 days! What a great year.

  2. Love that first pic of handsome little Owen!!

    Also love the way you broke down your months, might have to copy..

    Happy New Years to the family of 3!

  3. Such a fun-filled year! Happy New Years to the Sturgeons!! I am so thankful that 2010 was the year we became friends... thanks, Ivy!