Monday, December 20, 2010

2 Months!

Owen was 2 months old on December 6th!! I am a little late getting this post up, but oh well.
  • At his 6 week appointment, he weighed 12 pounds 8 oz and Jer got on the scale with him about a week ago and he is now probably 14 to 15 pounds... yes, he is a big boy!
  • We are pretty certain that Owen is going to be a redhead! Everyone kept telling us he would lose his hair and it would turn a different color, but they were wrong. His Nana (my mom) couldn't be happier, because she is a redhead!! We couldn't love our little blue eyed Ginger any more if we tried. South Park fans, please refrain from practicing 'Kick a Ginger' Day... thank you ;)
  • Owen's favorite things to do are stare at lights/fans and walk around the house. He also loves looking at the lights on our Christmas tree.
  • He rarely gets fussy, it is usually because he has gas or is hungry.
  • Last night, the night before last and one week ago he has slept for 7 hours!! We are hoping this trend continues.
  • He is a very happy baby, especially when he is naked. No matter what mood he is in, when you take his diaper off and let him just lay naked, he coos and smiles so big!

  • He knows Mommy and Daddy's voice and I love his huge gummy smile when he sees my face or hears my voice, it melts my heart every time.
  • So cliche, but so true.. I never knew I could love like this. I am so unbelievably happy and I want everyone to feel the joy of loving a child and watching them learn.
  • Speaking of learning, the funniest thing to watch is him looking at his own hands. He stares at them and has a look of question on his face.
  • He is breast fed (I know I always wonder ;)) and bottle fed.
  • He has discovered the TV and likes to watch football with Daddy because of all of the movement and colors.
  • Everyone who meets him for the first time says two things right away 1. He looks exactly like me and 2. he is so alert. We've also heard how well-behaved and calm he is.. we hope this continues.
Alright, enough for now.. still need some stocking stuffers and groceries to get!! Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday with someone you love.

XOXO Haley


  1. I am so in love with your roly poly baby monkey. I just adore baby boy, and yours is pretty darn precious.

    (sshhhhhh it's a secret: i'm secretly hoping child #2 in a few years will be male as well)

  2. ohhh he is so bigggggg! he's growing up too fast! and i LOVE his red hair, you have no idea. AND HE DOES LOOK EXACTLY LIKE YOU. he's got good genes. love you

  3. he is sooo cute! just a question- are you a redhead? i always heard that it skips a generation on the moms side. is that true? so glad he is sleeping for you. you have a precious family and i hope you have a great first christmas with your sweet baby!!
    love his outfit!!!

  4. He is so precious! Love my Owen updates :) I am so happy for you guys that he is starting to sleep well... hope he keeps that up so his momma can get some rest!