Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet my new friends....

Crackers and ginger ale!!! I have been really nauseous lately, for about the past week or so. Jeremy and I had our first 'baby' appointment last week and got to see our little Sturgeon! (For those of you who don't know, we are NOT naming our baby Sturgeon, that is our last name!) His/her heart was beating so fast and it was very surreal to know that tiny little blueberry was in my belly.

For the record, I don't want this blog to become me gushing about our baby-to-be or complaining about pregnancy symptoms. So, all you cynical biatches out there, feel free to tell me when enough is enough. (I am a fellow cynical biatch)

Jer and I went out to dinner last Friday night with Ivy and Troy and she gave me a few 'pregnancy' presents. One of them, I read Saturday morning and loved it! 'Belly Laughs' by Jenny McCarthy was hilarious yet so honest. That's exactly the kind of advice I want. Right now the only thing I want to hear is that everything I am feeling is 'normal' and also I want to be forewarned of the wacky stuff that is to come. Speaking of wacky, I was watching the season finale of 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' last night and Kourtney K. was in the very last stages of giving birth when she literally reached down and pulled her baby from her vajayjay!!! I yelled for Jer to come watch with me, he kindly yelled back, 'you're the only woman I want to watch give birth'. Fair enough.

One of the first things I did when I found out 'we' (is that annoying??) were pregnant, was look online at diaper bags. I am so shallow. Anywho, I fell in LOVE with this one...

The Charlie Diaper Bag also comes in turquoise....

Here is a pic of the parents-to-be a few days after we found out we were expecting. This is before one of our friends' couples wedding shower.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! We had a very lazy two days spent cleaning, grocery shopping and watching movies! My favorite type of weekend.

XOXO Haley


  1. love your dress! cute!
    and the more i see the blue one... the more it wins my vote!

  2. Sorry you've been feeling sick... and I say, feel free to complain. You'll find a sympathetic ear here.
    And my advice on the diaper bag is, even if you have to spend a little extra, get a diaper bag you love because you'll be using it a lot and it helps if you love, love, love it. I adore mine and am even contemplating getting the laptop insert for it so that I can use it after kids. Who knows? Maybe I'll change my mind since I'll be using it for years.

  3. I have my diaper bag picked out too... its Vera Bradley. :)

    In regards to the "we" comment:
    Over the summer when I had the false positive... I am the obgyn, and have to get a vag U/S. PK and I knew I wasn't preg, so getting the U/S confused and excited us... maybe dr knows something we don't LOL.

    PK: Wait, so are we pregnant?
    DR: well, YOU are not pregnant- if anyone is SHE is!

    If I wasn't in the stirrups I think I would have fallen off the table! lol

  4. I work well with lists:
    1)So sorry your tummy hasn't been very happy. On the plus side, ginger ale rocks, right?!
    2)Belly laughs is hilarious. Yes, I've read it. No, I was not, nor am I, pregnant. I just love JM.
    3)So, I saw that Dash episode too... have you ever seen anyone so calm and quiet during birth?! Holy Epidural, Batman! And yes, she really did just grab him and pull him out. Oh, and WHERE THE HELL WAS SCOTT? Taping?! Why was he not by her side? Ugh. The "Kendra" birth episode was way better because Hank is the sweetest man EVER and not a creepadouche like Scott.
    4)Love your bag choice, but who's NOT surprised that you'd pick a cute one?
    5)That pic of you two is amazeballs. Seriously, your baby can look back and say "Yep, I have some hotazz parents".

  5. So excited for you and Jer but so not excited you're not feeling great but Lauren's right, at least ginger ale is yum! Oh and looove your diaper bag choice. Super cute!

    On a completely different note, I actually just laughed out loud when reading Lauren's comment above because she used the word creepadouche. Hilarious!!!

    Congrats on baby Sturgeon!!

  6. im so sorry you arent feeling well! BOO! but i am so glad you liked the book! i knew it would be perfect for you :) i know my girl.

    UM I LOVE the diaper bag. i love it both in blue and teal. i cant decide. get both. oprah would.


  7. also i love the outfit you wore to the shower! you look adorable!!

  8. Hmmm...wonder if I can snag that black diaper bad to use as a purse?!

  9. Um, hi... I thought I was the only blogger allowed to go WEEKS in between posts? C'mon, you're killing us! :)