Friday, February 19, 2010

Arriving in October....

As most of you know, Jeremy and I are expecting Baby Sturgeon on October 10!! My 25th birthday to be exact. I think it's hilarious that my birthday is also my due date because last year, my sister's due date for Brock was October 6! I made this huge deal about not wanting to share my birthday with another family member, because I have a twin brother!! KARMA!! haha But I was mostly joking, because I would give my left leg and anything else he needed to my amazing nephew. And I don't mind sharing my birthday, it's all i've ever known.

So, as promised, here is the story of how we told our family and friends....

We found out we were pregnant bright and early on Wednesday, January 27th. I had a 'feeling' I may be pregnant and couldn't wait to pee on a stick that morning to find out! So, I woke up at 6:00 AM and ran to the bathroom to take the test! I saw two pink lines but ran to Jeremy with the test to make sure he saw the same thing. He DID! We both hugged and cried and did not know what to do with ourselves for the next hour before he had to go to work. I took a digital pregnancy test later on that day just to confirm it.

My dad had been out of town that week and we had decided that we wanted to tell our parents in person. So, I called my mom and tried to act all nonchalant to try and figure out when my dad would be home. My mom was onto me. She quickly asked why I was asking so many questions and said, 'what's wrong'? I promised Jer earlier that day that I wouldn't tell anyone!! Well, my mom got it out of me and I paused for a minute and said, 'I'm pregnant'!! She screamed in the phone and cried. I made her swear not to tell anyone!!

The next day, I went and got all the supplies to make Lola a shirt..... We sent the below picture to my sister, brother and Jer's brother....

Amber (sister) called me right back and said. "Are you getting a new puppy?' I said nooooo. And then she said, 'Oh my God, are you pregnant?' I said "Yep'!! She screamed so loud and started crying!! About two seconds later I heard Brock (her 4-month-old) crying cause Amber had scared him!

After I got off the phone with Amber, Blake(my brother) had texted me and said something like, 'I don't get it'.... So I called him and he finally got it!! He was excited and kept saying, 'that's awesome'!

Jason (Jeremy's brother) called Jer back and said, 'Does this mean you knocked Haley up'?? haha and Jer said 'Yep!'

We had to wait until Friday to tell Jeremy's parents because Jer's Dad was out of town and wasn't getting back until Friday evening. So, we called and told them we were stopping by their house to say hello. I had a little 'gift' for them when we arrived. I handed them both a present wrapped in tissue paper. I just told them it was to say 'thank you' for giving me a manicure/pedicure gift card earlier that week. They both unwrapped bibs with 'I Love Grand(pa)(ma)' on them! They both jumped up and hugged us, they were very surprised and excited!!

Jeremy and I LOVED telling our family we were pregnant, and loved the reaction from theme even more!! The reactions were priceless and we will always remember them!

XOXO Haley

P.S.- Just to give you an idea of how big our bloodhound, Lola is, that shirt is an adult medium!! hahaha!!


  1. LOVE bloodhounds and babies! SO cute and SO you!
    love you and sweet baby!

  2. Love the new blog!

    Oh and the shirt size is sooo funny!

  3. Okay, you know I love the new blog!
    Now we'll BOTH be Bloodhound and Baby Mamas!

    I love how you told everyone- we weren't nearly that creative!