Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Walking on Broken Glass

Oh goodness- what a morning we had. A little backstory- whenever Owen eats, we put Lola outside because he thinks it's funny to feed her his food. This morning, he was just finishing up his breakfast when Lola scratched on the window to get in. She always does this- so I usually ignore her.. Well, she did it again and we got this...

About 2 hours later, it was cleaned up and we had a new, unbroken window. Oh that dog. This afternoon, I watched my BFF's 2 kids while she had a meeting with her builder about her new house! (so exciting)

Yes- Owen still has his jammies on- just woke up from his nap! :) Today's photo is supposed to be of a 'letterbox'. I'm assuming that means mailbox? Well- here's ours:

Nothing too exciting- I miss having my own personal mailbox with the little red flag on the side- but I get that these are more efficient. Sometimes, when I've had a long day, I completely forgot which little slot is mine. ;) XOXO Haley

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