Friday, January 6, 2012

15 Month Checkup

Owen is 15 months old today! We met daddy for lunch this afternoon and then went to his 15 month checkup. Some words Owen is saying are: Dada (all day every day, everyone is Dada) Mama (only when he wants something) Puppy (sounds like puh-pai) Lola (woah wah) Baba (his bottle or sippy cup) Nana (my mom) Dat (when he wants me to reach him something- he'll point and say 'that') Du (Donald Duck toy in the bathtub) Di Di (dip dip- if he's not eating his food- we'll give him ketchup or Italian dressing to dip his food in) Bye bye Ball Hedo (hello- when he holds up a phone or anything to his ear) My OOTD- had a special little accessory. ;) Broke in my new purple jeans!

Today was also Jeremy's last day at his old job and the start of his 9 day vacation until he starts his new job! We're not going anywhere- just staying here, getting our house organized & doing fun things with Owen around Houston! I'm excited for our 'staycation'! We kicked things off tonight with a dinner al fresco!

Some stats on Owen: Weight- 25 pounds- 70th percentile Height- 33 in.- 95th percentile. Head size: off the charts.. Clothes: 12-18, some 2T pajamas Shoe: size 5 Favorite food- cucumbers and pickles Owen's always had a big head- so no need for worry. For the Photo a day- its something that makes you smile- what could make me smile more than a happy, healthy, little baby boy? Well- his freshly folded laundry, of course!

I've always loved doing laundry.. There's no better smell to me than one of Owen's little baby shirts right out of the dryer! Hope everyone had a good week! XOXO Haley


  1. Staycations are the best!!! Owen is so precious;))

  2. were having a mini staycation next week they are the best!! Owen is such a cute lil guy!! and also, i love the purple jeans!!!