Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving & Owen meets Santa

This Thanksgiving was a bittersweet one. The Monday before the holiday, my Granny (who lives with my parents) passed out on the kitchen floor (tile) and suffered some injuries. She's fine now, still in the hospital, but doing a lot better than she was. I can't remember a Thanksgiving without my Granny, so it was tough knowing she was in the hospital and not with us. But we visited her twice that day and are thankful she is strong and perseveres at the young age of 81.

Here's a picture of me, my husband and Owen, at my parents house before dinner.

This was the first year Owen could actually eat the food (he was about 8 weeks old last Thanksgiving) and he enjoyed himself! The mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie were his favorites!

Backtracking a little, we took Owen to meet Santa the day before Thanksgiving. Jer had the day off & we thought we'd go early to try & beat the crowds!
I made special 'Christmas' cinnamon rolls that morning to celebrate Owen meeting Santa for the very first time!

We took him to Bass Pro Shop, where they have a whole Santa's Wonderland set up. You can play games before/after you meet Santa, so it was more fun than just waiting in line.

We gave him a sucker before, in case Santa scared him... If you look closely, you can see Santa holding Owen's hand out so as not to get sucker drippings on his suit.

Hope everyone's having a great Tuesday!

XOXO Haley


  1. Santa's still creep me out! And your family looked precious on Thanksgiving. So happy you are blogging!