Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ladies Lunch and Catch up

Before I had Owen, I never understood those women who said 'i'm so sad, my (insert son/daughter) is growing up so fast!' I would think, 'Well DUH this is how it happens.' Now that I am not so cynical, I am ONE OF THOSE WOMEN. When I see newborns, I miss him being that little, but on the other hand, I LOVE watching my little man grow.
Jer and I went shopping Sunday for some Spring clothes for him at Baby Gap. I've been drooling over their stuff online and I have gift cards burning a whole in my Charlie diaper bag (muhaha, you thought I was going to say pocket), so it was a perfect time to go!
I have no idea why, but I like to buy clothes a couple months before I wear them. Why? I think I got used to this while I was pregnant; buying clothes for Owen that he wouldn't wear for a few months (because he was still growing in my belly). I hope I grow out of this trend soon.
Owen has been growing non-stop lately!! I can't believe he will be 3 months old on Thursday. He's changing so much every day, but i'll save that for Thursday's post!
I'm thinking of bringing back 'Material Girl' posts about the fun things i've been buying or had my eye on! Yay or nay?
Last week, I met up at Sandy's (yum) with some old friends and new ones! Taylor, her babies, Stephanie, Ivy and I had an amazing lunch! I had been acquainted with Stephanie, but never really sat down and talked with her. I'm so glad Ivy introduced us! She is so sweet and funny and I look forward to when her and her hubby move back to Texas.
Ivy and Gracie girl
Ivy, Stephanie and their 'babies' haha
The best Mommy I know
Grayson! He is so handsome.
He's gonna be a heartbreaker
Feeding our babies (they're gonna get married one day!)
Ivy and her favorite 'nephew'

Owen is waking up from his nap and Jer will be home for lunch soon.. must get back to my 'wifely duties'. Have a great Tuesday!

XOXO Haley


  1. loved lunch! loved the pictures! love lunchdates with our babies! love you!

  2. Looks like you girls had a fantastic time! Steph's a lot of fun- she was 2 years under me in HS, but always one of my favorite "younger flutes." It'll be nice to have her back in TX!

    P.S. Owen's a total bundle of love! I love the pic of him and his Auntie Ivy.

  3. absolutely precious blog...found via ivy. :)

  4. How am I just now seeing this?! I had the best time at lunch with you girls, thank you so much for inviting me! I tell Kyle all the time about how I am laying the ground work to have lots of mommy friends when we move back to Texas :) Loved getting to meet your little Owen too, he is adorable!

    ps-Stef, your comment is too sweet!