Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A-MAY-Zing Grace

Grace Campbell Glover was welcomed into the world yesterday! I don't want to post all her info, i'll let her Mommy do that! But, Jeremy and I met her yesterday afternoon and she is beautiful! Here are some pictures I snapped yesterday of Gracie Girl...

Funny story- I was outside tanning yesterday morning when Lola went crazy howling at the dog next door. Not sure why, but she hates this dog. So I put her inside and went back to tanning. When i got up to go inside, I was locked out. She must have jumped up on the door and hit the lock. I couldn't help but laugh, because she was looking at me through the window and had no idea why I was sitting outside. I called Jer (who thankfully works 5 minutes from our house) and he came to let me in. So today, I will be making a trip to Home Depot to get an extra key made to hide somewhere in case this happens again!

XOXO Haley