Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

This post is going to be a huge mix of everything that I like right now for nurseries. I have no idea how to do a cute little inspiration board, so there are a LOT of pictures! First, here is what I am now (I say now because I change my mind all the time) liking for a boy's nursery...

For the bedding...

It is Argington Organic Bedding 'Fish and Pebbles'

If we got this bedding, I am not quite sure what color we would paint the walls... but I think this color would look good with dark brown wood furniture.

I love the idea of doing a graphic print wallpaper on one wall in the nursery (like Tori Spelling). But I have yet to find a wallpaper that isn't too girly.

Earlier this week, I got a catalog in the mail from a place called 'At West End' I immediately fell in LOVE with everything in this catalog! Especially these big metal letters. I would love an 'O' or an 'S' somewhere in the nursery.

As I have said before, I am stumped when it comes to decorating a boy's nursery... either everything I see is too boring or too girly. I want a bright, cheery nursery that is more 'kid' than 'baby'.

Now, for the girl...

I am pretty set on this bedding for a girl, it is also Argington Organic baby bedding called 'Hearts and Flowers'.

I would love to do this bedding with a white crib, a bright painted dresser (maybe lavender?) and girly stuff everywhere.

OK, I know these are dish towels, but almost every gadget in our kitchen is this Martha Stewart turquoise color and I love it. Here is the color I am thinking for the walls.

Here are some of the accessories I found on At West End that I think Sloane (if Baby Sturgeon is a girl) would love to admire while in her room.

OK, that's all for the nursery inspiration! I know it's all over the place, but I need to put all the ideas running around in my head down somewhere.

Here are some other things from At West End that I am loving..

To hang wet suits on in the summer time.

To display cards in a dainty way.

And to decorate a bottle of wine (when I can enjoy it again.. in about 6 months or so!!!!)

Other than that... Jer is getting ready to jet off to Vegas, I am getting my outfits together for San Antonio, and Lola is packing her bag to stay with my parents all weekend! I need to do a last-minute shopping trip for some cute dresses I saw online last night.

Speaking of shopping, I forgot to blog about my fun day shopping last Friday with my bf Ivy! We went to 'Nordstrom Rack'.. not that impressed, but the shoe selection was amazing. We lunched and then checked out Old Navy! I was bummed because more and more Old Navy stores are starting to weed out their maternity line and just carry it online. BUT I did find some cute stuff. A top that I can grow with for $1.50 (no joke!) and a lovely printed tee for plenty of space for baby for a whopping $4.00!! Love me a deal.

XOXO Haley


  1. Love the nursery ideas! The wall colors are beautiful. I have about six imaginary nurseries planned in my head haha!

    I bookmarked the At West End site... can't wait to look around later!

  2. love the colors!!! bookmarking too Steph!

    I am changing my girl's nursery too! It will still be birds, but it will be the VB print instead of what it is now- much classier look. Also, the second we move out the boy's room will no longer be a cow room. That is just temporary, and if I didn't have 30 of those cows, that room would not be here today!

  3. Your nursery is going to be adorable. Both sets of bedding are super cute, and I love the colors you're looking at.

    I have those Martha Stewart towels! Like you- I love that beautiful, amazingly awesome shade of Martha Stewart blue. My kitchen aid mixer is "ice blue" and we've got that shade here and there throughout. (I think we'd get along!) I was even trying to decide where I could use that adorable blue seahorse in my house. I cannot wait to see what you come up with- if you need advice, let me know! I have lots to give ;)

  4. im gonna need to get that catalog! i love the nursery ideas -- they are so you. :)

  5. precious! loving those sea horses for sloane's nursery! but even a blue or orange one would look cute with owen's bedding! going to have to check out that website.

  6. I am loving your style!!! Most beddings are precious :)